Seneca One DEEP DIVE: Joseph Konze + Building Buffalo

Welcome to the Seneca One Deep Dive! The team at Seneca One identifies exciting up-and-coming people, projects, and companies to dive into and share with our audiences. This week we’re building buffalo with Joe Konze of Seneca One!


1. Why Buffalo? Give us Joe 101!

Buffalo caught my attention at a very young age. I grew up in Rochester, NY and my father would take me to Sabres games. When I was eight years old, he took me to Game 2 of the 1998  Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Canadiens. My favorite player, Matthew Barnaby, scored a hat trick and I threw my brand new Sabres hat on the ice to celebrate since then, my love for Buffalo has grown. I have always wanted to live in Buffalo. Everything I need is here. The Buffalo Bills, the Sabres, and a community unlike anywhere else. You cannot find a more hardworking community than the city of good neighbors and I am proud to be a part of it.


2. What is your role at Seneca One? 

I am a Business Development Associate. My job is to help create a positive ecosystem for all at Seneca One to enjoy. Here at Seneca One, we pride ourselves and creating a workplace where you can live, eat, work and play. I also help coordinate and facilitate tours here at Seneca One.


3. How did you end up working at Seneca One?

My journey to Seneca One involves multiple jobs and trying to find the right career path. Originally, I wanted to be a Beat Reporter for the Buffalo Sabres or Buffalo Bills. It was a dream of mine. When that didn’t pan out, I started to work in the Customer Service/ Restaurant Industry. I would answer phones during the day and bartend behind the pine at night. I learned valuable people skills, awareness, time management, and the ability to think quickly on my feet. One night, I was bartending and happened to meet Sean Heidinger of Douglas Development. We discussed a career path that combined my hospitality skills and customer service skills to help build a strong and positive community here at Seneca One. I have been here only nine months, but we have done just that and more. I am eager to learn more as the years go on, but I am glad that I have found a job that enhances my skill set and puts them to good use.


4. What is your favorite thing about Seneca One?

My favorite thing about Seneca One… The people. Everybody knows everybody. Every time you board an elevator, take the escalator to the main lobby or see a familiar face in the food hall, you are greeted with a “Hey, how are you?” Or a smiling face. It helps set the tone for the day. It is heartwarming to see Buffalo’s tallest building alive and well again. I am so excited about what is to come.


5. What is your favorite restaurant in Buffalo? 

Casey’s Black Rock. It’s a great atmosphere and owned by my favorite people in Buffalo. Every time I walk in, it’s like an episode of  Cheers. Also, my Pee Wee hockey jersey was retired to the rafter’s when I left to join the Seneca One, team.


6. What’s next? 

To help build Buffalo. This city has such great people and such great potential. Brick by brick our team here at Seneca One works tirelessly to help support Buffalo in its race to relevance. I am truly happy to be part of this and I am ecstatic that I get to lend a hand in bringing Buffalo back. It is my dream city after all.