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Slowly but surely, you’ve been watching the Buffalo skyline’s tallest building, Seneca One, slowly transform from a distant memory into a living, breathing, mixed use facility with 24/7 activity and a tech-focused community. 

This 1.4M square foot monstrosity, formerly known as One HSBC Center, and before that was known as Marine Midland Center, stands 529 feet tall, has 38 floors, hosts over 100 apartments and is welcoming a diverse workforce that is growing by the day. 

Seneca One is now ‘open for business’, which means that one way or another you may be heading downtown to 1 Seneca Street in the near future and your first question is going to be: “where do I park?!?!” 

Well, we’re here to walk you through it! 

Because we’re in Buffalo, most guests of ours are going to be inclined to drive to Seneca One, and that’s fine, but before you hop in your car to head downtown, please consider getting to us by any of the following transportation options:

  1. NFTA Rail – Please get off at the Seneca Street Station which is a 30 second walk to SO.
  2. NFTA Bus – Please get off at the Washington Street Station which is a 30 second walk to SO.
  3. Reddy Bikeshare
  4. Walk or Ride a Bike
  5. Carpool with Friends
  6. Coming from out of town? Buffalo’s brand new AMTRAK station is directly behind Seneca One.

Parking at Seneca One 

Now that you’ve decided to drive to Seneca One, there are many parking options. More than most people think!   While there is always street parking to be found around the perimeter of Seneca One, we do have one ramp that we highly recommend to our visitors: Seneca One Ramp at 50 Exchange Street. The cost is no more than $5 for the entire day, is very safe, and contains a bridge directly to Seneca One.

Once you pull in and take a ticket, we recommend heading directly to the third level where you will have a close spot to the bridge to Seneca One. If you do not park on the third level, use the elevator to get there and the entrance to the bridge is located directly to your right.

Now that you have crossed the bridge to Seneca One, head to your right through the garden/plaza (future beer garden).

Once you pass the retail building on the plaza, turn left towards the East and West Entrances which are on opposite sides of Main Street.

You can enter at either the East or West Entrance and take the escalator to the lobby level which is the gateway to anything and everything at Seneca One. If the escalators are undergoing routine maintenance, the elevator to the lobby level is located behind the escalator.

Once you make it to the lobby level, you’re in the right place! Please check in with security or give your contact a call to let them know you’ve arrived!

Welcome to Seneca One