Seneca One Pickleball: BOOK NOW!

Welcome to Seneca One Pickleball, where excitement and leisure converge on our brand-new pickleball court! We’re thrilled to unveil this latest addition, inviting enthusiasts and newcomers alike to experience the thrill of pickleball in a state-of-the-art facility. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, our court promises a vibrant space for friendly matches, social gatherings, and active fun. Join us at Seneca One and let the pickleball games begin!

In order to get started and reserve the court, you must hit the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button on the previous page (or click here). Once you enter information, you will be able to reserve your complimentary pickleball session at Seneca One.

Parking: Click here for parking instruction at Seneca One!

These instructions will take you right to the lobby where you will find our Pickleball Court Manager, Adam. His phone number is 716-563-6384. Feel free to call when you arrive.


Wednesday, January 17th. Seneca One Clubhouse. 30 players. 1 Champion.


We are looking for Buffalo’s best swing. Join us on Wednesday, January 17th for a fun night of long drives and clutch shots, with a chance to get your name on a giant trophy and permanently etched in the TELLERS lobby bar Hall of Fame.

Sign-ins will begin at 6PM in the Seneca One Clubhouse (located on the plaza level out front of Seneca One). Come early and get loosened up with happy hour specials at TELLERS lobby bar and practice on the simulator before the big competition. The 30-person tournament will include a closest to the pin contest as well as a long drive contest, with the winner to be declared the S/O Sports Winter Swing Off Champion. The tournament will go from 7pm until 9pm, or whenever a champion is crowned. Other Half Brewing will also be open right next door during the tournament with Lloyd taco truck pulled up to it.



The sign up form is below and is first come, first serve. For any questions and updates, please email See you on the course!

M&T Bank’s ‘Billieve Together’ Mobile Rally

M&T Bank Hosts ‘Billieve Together’ Mobile Rally to Fuel Bills Fans’ Playoff Hype 

Buffalo Bills legend Darryl Talley, Bills Stampede Drumline, Billy Buffalo, and more visiting locations across the city Thursday for series of rallies organized by M&T Bank 

M&T Bank, the Official Bank of the Buffalo Bills, will lead the ‘Billieve Together’ Mobile Playoff Rally this Thursday to help Bills fans prepare for the playoffs. With four stops planned across the City of Buffalo, M&T Bank’s mobile rally will bring Western New Yorkers together to show their support for the Bills, a resilient team that thrives off the energy of local fans. 

Joined by Bills legend Darryl Talley, the mobile rally will kick off at 11:45 a.m. at Seneca One with the help of the Bills Stampede Drumline, Billy Buffalo, and DJ Milk, who will get fans pumped up for Sunday’s game. After Seneca One, M&T volunteers will pack up the rally and bring it to three more locations – Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, West Side Bazaar, and M&T Bank’s Delaware Hertel branch. Each stop will feature M&T and Bills giveaways, including ‘Billieve Together’ banners, Bills cake pops, stickers, coloring sheets, photo opportunities with Darryl Talley and Billy Buffalo, live music, and more. 

The ‘Billieve Together’ Mobile Playoff Rally is part of M&T Bank’s Football Brings Us Together campaign – a community-focused initiative launched by M&T to celebrate Buffalo’s diversity and the values and passions that bring Bills fans together. The campaign also promotes Bills players’ unique bond with their fans – one that keeps growing year after year.

The community is encouraged to attend the 11:45 a.m. rally at Seneca One, the 2:00 p.m. rally at the West Side Bazaar, and the 2:45 p.m. rally at M&T’s Delaware Hertel branch. The rally at Roswell Park is closed to the public for patient safety. 

WHEN: 11:45 a.m., Thursday, January 11

WHERE: The Mobile Playoff Rally will make scheduled stops at:

  • 11:45 a.m. — Seneca One Lobby, 1 Seneca St., Buffalo, NY 14203
  • 1:00 p.m. — Closed to Public for Patient Safety Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • 2:00 p.m. — West Side Bazaar, 1432 Niagara St., Buffalo, NY 14213
  • 2:45 p.m. — M&T Bank Delaware Hertel branch, 2310 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216 

WHO: Interviews will be available with:

  • Francesco Lagutaine, M&T Bank Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Eric Feldstein, M&T Bank Western New York Regional President
  • Darryl Talley, Buffalo Bills Legend


Bills fans who cannot attend the rally can still celebrate the Bills’ upcoming playoff run with M&T Bank’s ‘Billieve Together’ banners. M&T is giving away 30,000 banners at its branches in Western New York, and supplies are going fast. To find the nearest branch, visit

Media are invited to go live from Seneca One starting at 11 a.m. as M&T volunteers set up for the rally. 

Media ContactThea Pecht, (716) 512-4448,

Seneca One DEEP DIVE: Chris Brown + Innovation

Welcome to the Seneca One Deep Dive! The team at Seneca One identifies exciting up-and-coming people, projects, and companies to dive into and share with our audiences. This week we’re going to see if we can run it with Chris Brown, Administrative Vice President, and manages the M&T Tech Hub at Seneca One Activation Team.

BUFFALO, NY- Chris Brown is fired up about the Buffalo comeback.

It’s evident in the way he talks about it and the way he walks through the lobby at Seneca One.

Any chance Brown gets to teach the community about the positive and everchanging landscape of technology and innovation landscape in Buffalo, he attacks it with great enthusiasm and confidence.

“Our mission is to provide innovative, world-class event programming and technology support services for M&T’s Tech Hub and Tech Academy as a national destination for talent, the spark for creative collisions, collaboration, and creation of an ecosystem to win the race for relevance,” says Brown.

Brown, manages the M&T Tech Hub at Seneca One Activation Team, and when he isn’t helping employees and the Seneca One community navigate through the 529-foot tall building, he is telling the story of Buffalo and why everyone should pay close attention.

Since 1988, Brown has helped build the M&T Bank brand all while watching a city with so much potential slowly climb back to relevance.

In the fall of 2020 when M&T Tech called Seneca One home, Brown was elated to finally help push Buffalo towards unleashing its full potential.

“My dream is for Buffalo to be a national tech hub city,” Brown said. “Anything I can do to move the needle forward is one step closer. I’ve met so many new people who are passionate about Buffalo’s future as a national tech hub city, and downtown as a place to work, live and play. It’s happening.”

Whether it’s spending time in the lobby at Seneca One or telling the story of M&T Tech, Brown is laying the foundation for technology and innovation in Buffalo.

Brick by brick, Brown knows how important the big red building is to the future of Buffalo.

“I love spending time in the Seneca One lobby – you never know who you are going to meet,” Brown said.  “Maybe even a canine that will bring a smile to your day. The amazing team at Douglas Development and Douglas’ decorating style makes the big building cozy. It feels like home.”

The next time you see Brown in the lobby, say, “Hey”. You might learn something about Buffalo that you never knew.

Let’s Do Lunch! Live Jazz Lunches Have Returned!

Seneca One is proud to announce that Live jazz lunches are starting up again in February! Enjoy a lively, collaborative atmosphere in the Seneca One Food Hall while local jazz musicians perform live!

Escape from your day and meet your friends for lunch while enjoying a live jazz trio, sweeping views of WNY, and an eclectic selection of food offerings.

Live Jazz Lunch Series Scheduled

Wednesday, February 16 from 12-2 PM

Wednesday, March 2 from 12-2 PM

Wednesday, March 16 from 12-2 PM

Wednesday, March 30 from 12-2 PM

The SO Food Hall is open daily, Monday- Friday from 8 AM- 2 PM, and offers a large selection of lunch and breakfast options from the Erie Grill, Seneca Kitchen, wood-fired pizza oven, soups, and daily specials. The food hall is open to the public and is emerging as a premier lunch destination in downtown Buffalo. There is something for everyone here at Seneca One!

For those interested in attending the live jazz lunch series, the event is free and reservations are not required. There will be ample seating throughout the Food Hall as well as the rest of the lobby for all to enjoy. You can access the SO Food Hall by entering the building at Main and Seneca St. Where the NFTA Rail goes underneath Seneca One, there are escalators up to the lobby on both sides of Main St.

*Current NYS guidelines regarding COVID-19 will be enforced. Please plan accordingly.

Seneca One DEEP DIVE: Randy Harris + Confidence

Welcome to the Seneca One Deep Dive! The team at Seneca One identifies exciting up-and-coming people, projects, and companies to dive into and share with our audiences. This week we’re dropping anchor with Randy Harris, CEO of Lighthouse Technology Services.

Randy Harris knows Buffalo is special.

Each morning he gazes out of his office window on the 28th floor of Seneca One. He takes in a 360-degree view of Buffalo and is overcome with joy.

He sees the creativity, inspiration, and a breathtaking landscape coming to life one brick at a time.

But the one thing that stands out over all the natural beauty of the city he grew up in is a community capable of great things.

“Within Seneca One specifically, the views over the water, of Niagara Falls, our international border, and over our region are both humbling and energizing,” Harris said. “One look out the window and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for how special our area is.”

Harris is the CEO of Lighthouse Technology Services, a technology staffing and recruiting partner to Buffalo’s largest technology departments.

Since 2004, the Buffalo-based company has helped companies or technology departments find talented technology professionals, access technology solutions, and quality technology professionals that provide solutions to new challenges, circumstances, or changes in the workplace.

His vision for providing a company strategy that empowers his team with the tools and resources and environment to do their best work and live their best life is what has help the company succeed no matter the climate.

“Our company is experiencing some wonderful growth thanks to the hard work of our amazing team members,” Harris said. “We’ve got some really fun and important initiatives we’re working on this year in areas like health and wellness, charitable giving, and knowledge sharing, that will help us continue to reach for our vision of being the most inspiring technology partner in the communities that we serve. It’s going to be a fun year.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, Lighthouse Technology Services was in search of new workspace. Harris knew of the developments happening in downtown Buffalo and was curious to see what space was available.

He reached out to a friend that was working closely with Douglas Jemal on bringing the building to life and after a tour of the space, he knew he had to be a part of the community.

“I shared with them that we were going to be looking for a new office location for Lighthouse,” Harris said. “An introduction with Douglas and his team was arranged, and we were able to tour the space and learn about the vision for the building. It was the beginning of the pandemic, but we believed in the vision of Seneca One, and in August of 2020 we moved in. It’s been a fantastic decision.”

Fast forward to February of 2022 and Harris’ fantastic decision has paid off. He enjoys the fact that he can work, grab a bite to eat in the Seneca One Food Hall, and get a nice lift at Quarter Deck Athletics all in the same space that he works. It is a huge time saver and it helps him stay healthy and provides a nice quality of life.

But the most important aspect he enjoys is the tech community that fills this building every day that helps his company grow each day.

“The people in and around the tech community that interact through SO are motivating and inspiring. Here, you’re one connection away from the support and encouragement you need to bring your ideas to life. And I believe that environment is nurturing us,” Harris said.

I mean, after all, it is a special place.

Seneca One DEEP DIVE: Courtney Walsh + Boxing in a Bank Vault

Welcome to the Seneca One Deep Dive! The team at Seneca One identifies exciting up-and-coming people, projects, and companies to dive into and share with our community. This week we caught up with Courtney Walsh, Operations Coordinator for Serendipity Labs and Boxing Instructor for Boxstar Express!

It’s 6:45 AM on Tuesday, and deep inside the 1970’s bank vaults located in the basement of Seneca One, before anyone has had a cup of coffee, Courtney Walsh is wide awake.

To the sound of Meek Mill’s “Wins and Losses,” she attacks the white punching bag suspended from the ceiling.

Pow! Snap! BOOM!

The sound of her 14 ounce boxing gloves cuts through the music’s bass as she demonstrates her power to the ten people looking on.

She loads up another haymaker.

Pow! Snap! Snap! 

A kick, jab, and uppercut combo are thrown at the bag with so much force one person steps back and mouths “Wow,” to the rest of the group.

No, she’s not training for a title bout or a professional boxer. She’s just doing what she loves: helping people.

Walsh is the Operations Coordinator for Serendipity Labs by day and a Boxing Instructor for Boxstar Express at when she isn’t assisting small to medium-sized businesses on the 29th floor here at Seneca One.

“I’ve been a member of Boxstar Training for years, so to be teaching classes here at Boxstar Express is a really fun new way for me to experience boxing,” Walsh said. “We’ve only just started classes, so my main focus is sharing this incredible workout with everyone and growing our boxing community here at Seneca One.”

Walsh is no stranger to the city of good neighbors.

After growing up in the suburbs of Buffalo, Walsh spent a few years in Chicago, a city that she says she “absolutely loved.” In 2013 she returned to Buffalo. For eight years, Walsh lived in various neighborhoods and watched downtown transform and set itself up for success.

She knew that somehow and someway that she had to be a part of the comeback that was happening right before her eyes.

“I’m an event planner by trade, and throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to expand those skills in a variety of industries,” Walsh said. “After almost a year out of work due to covid, I landed my current role as Operations Coordinator for Serendipity Labs on the 29th floor here at Seneca One. Buffalo is home, and Seneca One is just making home better. I’m excited about the future for this building and the entire city.”

Since arriving at Serendipity labs, Walsh has immersed herself in the community by taking advantage of the live, work, eat, play, grow, build an initiative that Seneca One has spent years building.

She started by joining The Clubhouse with Revolution, a cycling studio that called Seneca One home this summer when space was limited at their home studio. It was a great addition to the menu of health and wellness options at Seneca One. With this amenity right outside the doors of Buffalo’s tallest building, it increased her commitment to fitness and saved her a lot of time.

Her passion and commitment to fitness grew even more when Boxstar Training launched Boxstar Express at Seneca One in November. Being a member of Boxstar Training’s Elmwood location for years, she was a natural fit to teach classes here at Seneca One.

Walsh knows it can be difficult to stay committed to a fitness program. She wanted to enhance the community of the giant brutalist building in downtown Buffalo by providing an amenity that allows tenants to let off a little steam after a hard workday.

“Having an outlet is so important for your physical and mental health, and boxing is a great way to take care of both. Seneca One has an amazing work culture, but we have to remember that balance is key,” Walsh said. “Boxstar offers the perfect way to mentally and physically punch out of “work mode” and tap into “life mode.”  It also doesn’t hurt to know how to throw a good punch!”

Boxstar Express offers a 10-round, 35-minute hybrid class that incorporates boxing, kickboxing, and functional bodyweight movements. The current classes take place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:45 AM and 5:15 PM and are open to the general public. Walsh would love to have you and doesn’t want anyone to shy away from her class.

“Boxing can seem intimidating, but taking the leap to learn is the hardest part! All levels are welcome in class, and we have all of the gear you need if you are trying it for the first time. At Boxstar, we’re all about bringing something different, so come ready to work hard and leave class better every time.”

If you are looking for a fun way to get in shape and learn how to throw a great punch, click here!

Seneca One DEEP DIVE: Drew St. Laurent + Capturing Beauty

Welcome to the Seneca One Deep Dive! The team at Seneca One identifies exciting up and coming people, projects, and companies to dive into and share with our audiences. This week we’re raising our sails with Drew St. Laurent, Owner, and Operator of High Peaks Aerial Imagery. St. Laurent is helping Seneca One, the city of Buffalo and the WNY community push forward one still frame at a time.

BUFFALO, NY: Drew St. Laurent knows beauty when he sees it.

The young entrepreneur has a passion for photography, and a knack for capturing breathtaking moments of the city of Buffalo, one frame at a time.

St. Laurent is the owner and operator of High Peaks Aerial Imagery, an aerial drone photography, and marketing company, that specializes in digital imagery and video for small businesses. The company combines immersive, custom drone technology with an innovative approach to online and social media marketing for its customers.

His stunning ads and photographs have gained traction within the community and have helped those from all over enjoy this city just as much as he does.

“I’m able to do something that I love, with no restrictions to my creativity. I’ve found a professional trade that allows me to use my vision to inspire my customers, where I feel like I’m not even working most of the time,” St. Laurent said. “Growing this business out of Seneca One has been amazing. It’s a community of established businesses and start-ups working together to support each other. Working at Seneca One is liking working inside of a lightning rod of progress in the city.”

A drone shot high above the waterfront in downtown Buffalo, NY. (High Peaks Aerial Imagery/Drew St. Laurent)

The company was born during the pandemic when St. Laurent was working on starting a hard cider company. When that didn’t work out and the pandemic hit, he was forced to adapt.

The former soldier of the 1st Battalion, 377th Field Artillery Regiment, already had an appreciation for all things dealing with aviation. As a kid,  St. Laurent traveled with his family to visit WNY to see the Naval Museum at the Naval Park. He always had a hunger for learning about Naval ships because his grandfather served in the Navy during World War II.

It was one of his favorite childhood memories and one that comes full circle when he sees the ships stationed in the harbor.

“Having a grandfather who served in the Navy during World War II, I have a real appreciation for those ships [at the harbor],” Laurent said.  “Although [High Peaks Aeria Imagery] is still filming monthly, the first time we stood on the top of the USS Littlerock Missle housing and flee down the corridors of the ship, that had to be my absolute favorite recent memory. There was a crowd of people gathered at Liberty Hound watching. I realized the crowd was standing there because of my team. It was surreal.”

Since arriving at Serendipity labs in March of 2021, St. Laurent has wasted no time taking advantage of his elite and prime location. You can feel the electric atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of downtown with each and every photo, video, or advertisement he creates for his customers of the greater WNY area.

“That’s the crazy thing about being a digital creator. What’s next is really up to your imagination,” St. Laurent said. “It actually may be one of the most enjoyable things in my day-to-day. Working with our customers to create their vision is always what’s next! Well, also I would say watch for our new YouTube series launching next week. There are a lot of amazing WNY views and behind-the-scenes fun will be on display.”

We are excited to see what else St. Laurent can capture as the city of Buffalo transforms.

To see more of his work you can go to his Instagram, or stop on out to Seneca One Thursday’s from 4-7PM for our Open Air Market. St. Laurent would be happy to speak with you.

Seneca One DEEP DIVE: Connor Kenney + The Progress of Buffalo

Welcome to this week’s Seneca One Deep Dive! The team at Seneca One identifies exciting up-and-coming people, projects, and companies to dive into and share with our audiences. This week we’re soaking it all in with Connor Kenney, Development Manager of SAA| EVI.

BUFFALO, NY- Connor Kenney has seen a lot of progress working in commercial real estate and is very encouraged by the progress he sees here in Buffalo. 

Kenney, a developer who currently oversees SAA | EVI’s projects in New York State and throughout the Great Lakes, double dips as a commercial tenant and residential tenant here at Seneca One, a place that he saw as an opportunity to grow alongside the city in this new economic adventure.

“It’s great. As you mentioned, I live in the building as well. I think it takes me two minutes to go from my apartment door to my office,” Kenney said. “Between that, the food hall, and the bar in the lobby – I don’t need to leave much. Douglas has done an amazing job breathing life back into the building and creating a product type that, frankly, did not exist in this city before he came.”

Kenney fell backward into real estate development. He was on the verge of going to law school until a family member who worked at the University at Buffalo told him about the school’s Masters of Science in Real Estate Development program.

This piqued his interest, and in 2017, Kenney finished the program and has since been working in Real Estate Development. He started his career as a Real Estate Developer at PathStone Corporation in Rochester, NY. He was responsible for developing affordable and mixed-income housing throughout PathStone’s geographic footprint during his time there.

In 2020, his development efforts led to closing on a $44 MM, 157-unit Low Income Housing Tax Credit deal at the former Irondequoit Mall just outside of Rochester. His success caught the eye of one of the Co-Managing Members SAA | EVI, David Alexander.

“David lives in Miami now, but he grew up in Buffalo. We have an office in Miami and Baltimore, but our company was founded in Buffalo,” Kenney said. “We thought it was very appropriate to have an office here. Ernst  Valery and David Alexander, and Stuart Alexander before them, have done an awesome job building the company over the years. We have active projects in 9 states right now. That is not easy to do. I’m fortunate to be able to learn from them and grateful to them for trusting me and giving me a platform to do what I am passionate about. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish together in the future.”

Kenney has embraced his return to Buffalo, calling Seneca One home. He conducts business on the 29th floor at Serendipity Labs, and then when he is done, he takes the elevator down the main lobby and makes his way to his apartment.

The ease of access and peace of mind allow Kenney to grow SAA | EVI here in Buffalo. He has also enjoyed returning to his hometown and soaking it all in.

“I grew up in Buffalo. My family is here. I can’t predict the future and where life might take me, but I will always come back to Buffalo,” Kenney said.  “I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot personally, and I am usually out of town for work for a week every month. I’ve seen a lot of different cities. But Buffalo is a special place. There is no place like Buffalo.”

Kenney is proud of his city, proud to be here, and we look forward to seeing him continue on this successful trajectory.

Seneca One DEEP DIVE: Roger Orozco + The City of Good Neighbors

Welcome to the Seneca One Deep Dive! The team at Seneca One identifies exciting up-and-coming people, projects, and companies to dive into and share with our audiences. This week we’re swimming to shore with Roger Orozco, Facilities Manager of All Pro Parking LLC.

BUFFALO, NY: It’s a warm summer Friday night at Seneca One, and Roger Orozco is manning the grill.

Through the haze of smoke and the delicious smell of smoked meat is a sea of Buffalonians ready to feast on some Sahlen’s hot dogs after a night at the Buffalo Bisons’ game.

“I GOT TWO READY TO GO,” Orozco says, as a man and his young child approach the table to collect their free hot dogs. The process goes round and round for a few hours until everyone is fed. By the end of the night, Orozco has served 250 hot dogs to over 200 people, with a giant smile on his face.

Orozco is the Facilities Manager for All Pro Parking LLC for Seneca One, Larkinville, and the Buffalo Grand Hotel. He is also on the Buffalo Bills Committee. He wears many hats, and when he isn’t cooking hot dogs for the “City of Good Neighbors,” trying to keep folding tables on all fours at Bill tailgates, he’s helping the tenants and residents of Seneca One and the greater WNY community navigate their way through downtown Buffalo, something he takes great pride in.

“It’s the people at Seneca One that make it my special and favorite place,” Orozco said. “It’s cool to say that I work at the “red building.” Also, the vibe at Seneca One is a fascinating anomaly.”

Since taking over as Facilities Manager in 2014, Orozco has gone above and beyond to provide a positive atmosphere and exceptional hospitality to those of Seneca One. It doesn’t matter to him if the task at hand falls in line with his job description, he’s a team player with the same shared vision as the rest of the team here at Seneca One, and that is to maintain a high quality of life.

Need directions to the best restaurant in town? Roger has a list memorized and has no problem telling you what to order when you arrive. Need a pick-me-up or a motivational quote for the day? Roger is your hype man and always has some type of quote to lift you up on those days you might be feeling down.

He loves his job. He loves the people of Buffalo. He wants to see this city get back to its glory days, and as the Facilities Manager, he’s the first impression someone has of the Seneca One Community when they arrive. He’s like a public relations representative for the community of Buffalo.

“As a Buffalonian, it’s amazing to see the transformation of downtown Buffalo,” Orozco said. “From Canalside, Larkinville, Seneca One, all the family-owned pubs, and restaurants, we have a lot of hidden gems in our city. Buffalo is one of the countries best kept secrets.”

So, when you arrive at Seneca One for your next tour, event or just to check out the future of Buffalo, look for Roger and ask him about the building. You will understand just how much this city means to him.