Douglas Jemal’s Holiday Social at Seneca One

Douglas Jemal and the Douglas Development team could not be more excited to welcome you to Seneca One to spread holiday cheer and to support the family of Tim Cox, a construction superintendent who spent years bringing Seneca One and the Statler back to life alongside Douglas Jemal.

Unfortunately, Tim passed away in August after an accident at his home in early 2021. It’s time to come together and support the family and loved ones that Tim left behind. We will be supporting the family of Tim Cox by offering a “Cox Box” for sale at the event including drink ticket(s), and a Cox Construction t-shirt!

Read: Tim Cox: The Quarterback of the Seneca One Redevelopment

The event is free, 21+, and open to all who would like to join us at Seneca One.

Please RSVP below and include your guests as all are welcome to join us at Seneca One