Seneca One DEEP DIVE: Randy Harris + Confidence

Welcome to the Seneca One Deep Dive! The team at Seneca One identifies exciting up-and-coming people, projects, and companies to dive into and share with our audiences. This week we’re dropping anchor with Randy Harris, CEO of Lighthouse Technology Services.

Randy Harris knows Buffalo is special.

Each morning he gazes out of his office window on the 28th floor of Seneca One. He takes in a 360-degree view of Buffalo and is overcome with joy.

He sees the creativity, inspiration, and a breathtaking landscape coming to life one brick at a time.

But the one thing that stands out over all the natural beauty of the city he grew up in is a community capable of great things.

“Within Seneca One specifically, the views over the water, of Niagara Falls, our international border, and over our region are both humbling and energizing,” Harris said. “One look out the window and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for how special our area is.”

Harris is the CEO of Lighthouse Technology Services, a technology staffing and recruiting partner to Buffalo’s largest technology departments.

Since 2004, the Buffalo-based company has helped companies or technology departments find talented technology professionals, access technology solutions, and quality technology professionals that provide solutions to new challenges, circumstances, or changes in the workplace.

His vision for providing a company strategy that empowers his team with the tools and resources and environment to do their best work and live their best life is what has help the company succeed no matter the climate.

“Our company is experiencing some wonderful growth thanks to the hard work of our amazing team members,” Harris said. “We’ve got some really fun and important initiatives we’re working on this year in areas like health and wellness, charitable giving, and knowledge sharing, that will help us continue to reach for our vision of being the most inspiring technology partner in the communities that we serve. It’s going to be a fun year.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, Lighthouse Technology Services was in search of new workspace. Harris knew of the developments happening in downtown Buffalo and was curious to see what space was available.

He reached out to a friend that was working closely with Douglas Jemal on bringing the building to life and after a tour of the space, he knew he had to be a part of the community.

“I shared with them that we were going to be looking for a new office location for Lighthouse,” Harris said. “An introduction with Douglas and his team was arranged, and we were able to tour the space and learn about the vision for the building. It was the beginning of the pandemic, but we believed in the vision of Seneca One, and in August of 2020 we moved in. It’s been a fantastic decision.”

Fast forward to February of 2022 and Harris’ fantastic decision has paid off. He enjoys the fact that he can work, grab a bite to eat in the Seneca One Food Hall, and get a nice lift at Quarter Deck Athletics all in the same space that he works. It is a huge time saver and it helps him stay healthy and provides a nice quality of life.

But the most important aspect he enjoys is the tech community that fills this building every day that helps his company grow each day.

“The people in and around the tech community that interact through SO are motivating and inspiring. Here, you’re one connection away from the support and encouragement you need to bring your ideas to life. And I believe that environment is nurturing us,” Harris said.

I mean, after all, it is a special place.